"It's all about identifying and fixing problems and creating a great vision for the future"  

We help organizations of all types that want to create a positive change.  Whether you are facing a transitional period, turnaround, re-organization or want to create a new vision and grow your business, KCCG  has the experience and expertise to help you analyze your current situation,  create a desirable future state, and develop strategies & action plans to move your business forward.  We accomplish this through analysis and solutions-based consulting to executives, entrepreneurs, service professionals and boards.

Our Commitment:

Kansas City Consulting Group (KCCG) will help you achieve sustainable results and align the organization's strategic direction with the long term goals of the principal stakeholders.  Our consultants take the time to guide clients through the process of assembling the right staff, building the right infrastructure, establishing effective processes and procedures, and tracking the performance indicators that will support your long-term success.  KCCG's goal is not to create a cycle of dependence, but instead to build strong organizations that can plan, execute and measure future initiatives independently.

Our Approach:

The consultants at Kansas City Consulting Group (KCCG) help executives, business owners, boards and managers create a road map for future business growth and stability. With decades of experience in executive coaching, strategy, marketing, sales, operations, information technology, logistics and managerial accounting, KCCG consultants equip their clients with knowledge and tools that will allow them to grow their organization.

Our Methodology:

KCCG works with our clients to develop a consulting engagement that fits the situation, needs, and mutually agreed upon outcomes. KCCG does not believe there is one standard solution that will take your organization to the level of performance desired. KCCG consultants have the experience and expertise to apply the appropriate solutions and methodologies based on the situation at hand and agreed upon objectives. Having said that, a typical engagement with KCCG might include -

  • Detailed interviews with the Principals / Business Owners and Key Employees / Stakeholders ++
  • Assessing the Current State of the Organization's Health and recent Financial Performance +++
  • Assessing the Organization's Strategic Business Plan +++
  • Reviewing the Organization's Processes and Procedures +++
  • Evaluating the Organization's Sales and Marketing efforts +++
  • Evaluating the Organization's Management Accounting capabilities and tracking of Key Performance Metrics +++
  • Assessing the Organization's Technology Utilization +++
  • Assessing the Organization's Supply Chain Performance +++

KCCG consultants will carefully evaluate the findings of these examinations and, collaborating with the client, craft a detailed plan that the organization will implement to reach their desired future state. KCCG is normally asked to take a leadership role in working with the client to implement the improvement projects, but sometimes clients have the capability and capacity to implement some or all of the projects in-house; in which case KCCG is often retained in an advisory role.

++ KCCG experience has shown that to have sustainable results in any change initiative there needs to be a strong alignment of the organization's strategy and objectives with the long term goals of the key stakeholders / principals. To this end, we conduct confidential 1-on-1 interviews with the organization's key personnel to gain insight and check for alignment issues.

+++ Good performance will be noted and problem areas will be highlighted and recommendations for improvements are presented.